About Great Lengths. Our story.

We’re proud that the origin of every strand of Great Lengths hair is traceable. Find out how by reading further.

The hair sourcing process.


#1 Hair is sourced from Indian temples.

Our 100% human hair is sourced in India, during Hindu rituals. Women and men’s hair is voluntarily sacrificed and donated to temples by complete shaving of the head, a process known as tonsuring. We’re committed to ensuring that all of the hair we use is sourced ethically and willingly, and that a fair price is paid. Payment for the hair is then used to support the local community by developing temples and medical services, and supporting charitable causes.


#2 Hair is shipped to Italy.

Only hair that hasn’t been exposed to damaging chemicals or styling processes is shipped to our factory in Italy. Our reps then supervise the first cleansing process, which focuses on removing any bacteria or toxins.


#3 Purifying the hair.

In Italy the hair is purified again and sewn onto cloth to ensure it stays in the right direction. The hair is then placed into baths where very gently, existing pigment is removed through a natural process known as osmosis. Doing this naturally means that the cuticle stays in tact keeping the quality high.


#4 Colouring.

The hair is then added into a colour bath. Again, osmosis does the hard work here by naturally replacing the colour pigment we’d removed, with the new colour. After drying, we have beautiful, healthy, colourfast hair.


#5 Quality control.

To ensure there are no tangles or shorter hairs in your order we ‘hackle’ hair by hand through a giant hairbrush to remove these. Our hair is then inspected under a UV light to guarantee the colour is consistent and pure.


#6 The results

The result, totally pure and ethical hair extensions of the most luxurious quality, in perfect condition.

Ethically Sourced Hair Extensions.

Using the finest quality hair we can confidently guarantee the source, origin, quality and ethicality of all hair used in the process. Our commitment to ethical practice sees the proceeds from the purchase of the hair go directly back into the local communities from where it originates – aiding the development of temples, medical services, schools and many other charitable concerns. We continually monitor the sourcing practice to ensure no hair is obtained from exploitative or unethical sources.