Lauren Reed Hair Extensions
93 Hope Street, Central Chambers, Suites 52&54, G2 6LD
Platinum Salon


Lauren is a¬†Platinum salon stylist with nearly 2 years experience working with Great Lengths with vast knowledge and understanding of hair extensions and client’s needs & wants – ensuring the client’s desired finished result is achieved every time.

I am so passionate about hair extensions which is why I have made this my chosen line of hairdressing work after qualifying and I love being able to to provide such a prestige service, Great Lengths, to my clients and I believe my passion shows in my work… I see¬†Hair Extensions as an art and therefore customise every single set to each individual client’s needs & wants, it’s not just about creating the longest, thickest hair out there!

Platinum Salon

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Tel: 07704 688333
Email: laurenreedhair@outlook.com