Introducing a new solution
for thinning hair.

We have created an innovative and bespoke application system.

Developed with a complete dedication to the increasing concern of hair thinning and to create solutions and aids to combat the issue.

GL Volume provides the power to rebuild hair confidence through added enhancement.

A hairpiece that sets new quality standards.

Great Lengths stands for quality and with GL Volume, we introduce our first hairpiece. For women with thin/sparse area’s on the crown, we’ve created the perfect solution to help combat this.

GL Volume blends into the natural hair and remains permanently invisible. It enables you to carry out your usual hobbies and lifestyle, from sports activities to spa trips with friends! The piece can be washed, styled and blow-dried just like your natural hair.

  • TRUST THE BEST SYSTEM - Premium quality hair, a flexible net and innovative keratin braid, these three essential elements create the GL Volume.
  • BEST HAIR QUALITY - GL Volume is 100% human hair which provides a discreet, natural look.
  • MORE VOLUME - With GL Volume, a larger amount of hair is incorporated into the net. This means more body and volume in the hair piece.
  • THE BEST PROCESS - Natural hair is attached to the net with the utmost care. This delicate process ensures the piece lasts as long as possible and remains securely in place. (between 4-6 weeks before a re-fit is needed)
  • HIGHEST POSSIBLE COMFORT - The keratin braid which secures the net to the natural hair is soft and extremely discreet. The flexible net is arranged in a way so that it will not scratch, pinch or irritate your scalp.

Choose between nine natural colours

Natural hair is never just one colour, we blend together between 4-6 colours for more of a natural look.

Available in 35cm/14 inches.

Bespoke, individual design of a GL Volume piece is available on request.

Only certified salons are allowed to use and apply and work with GL Volume.

This is to ensure that your experience from start to finish is handled with the upmost professionalism and care, resulting in a long lasting hair piece.

To find your nearest GL Volume salon, please contact our Customer Service team via email: